The Many Uses of Skirting Boards and Why You Should Get Them



A great majority of households have some skirting boards in the main areas of their homes, and your house might already have them, it is just that you are not aware of their name. If you still do not have them or if you are still having your home constructed, then it is a must that you are able to secure some skirting boards now. There are a lot of names for skirting boards that you might be more familiar with. Some of them include baseboards, moldings, and kickboards. Already sounds familiar to you, right? In the past, they were also called mop boards because home owners were able to easily mop their floors without soaking or wetting their wall plasterboard. Visit for more.

So, what are these so-called skirting boards and what do they do for your home?

Skirting boards are actually what you can find running at the base of your interior wall that are made of either MDF, PVC, or wooden materials. They can be easily glued, nailed, or screwed onto your walls. Typically, their height goes between 5 and 15 cm and home owners will have the choice to get them painted or stained. Also, they can either be flat or carved with some molding.

Now, why should you get these skirting boards for your home?

When it comes to the flooring finishing of your home, you need to know that these skirting boards are one of the best elements that you can get for your home that boasts of so many uses that is why you must make to get them for your home. And here are some of them. Read more here.

First, they serve as a way to hide the ugly wiring found in your home. If you look at most homes, what looks annoying to your eyes will be those electrical wirings that hang just outside your walls or your ceilings. Hiding your wirings on your ceiling is not a good idea as when you might need to get repairs done, then you end up tearing down your ceiling just to get access to them. The most practical and cost-efficient way to hide your wires will be to get skirting boards. And most skirting boards, like the ones made of PVC, have been made to take care of this particular purpose.

Second, they serve to cover gaps in your home. Even if you hire the most highly skilled fitter that is responsible in aligning your floor to your walls, having gaps can still not be avoided after the installation of your floor is done. This is why there is a need for you to get skirting boards to cover these gaps and make your floor and your walls aligned. Visit for more.